Lower Electric Bills – Save Electricity and Money on Laundry

Clothes washing and drying uses 11% of your home’s energy consumption. You can lower electric bills with these simple yet effective home energy saving tips.

Here’s how to save money on Laundry:

Save Money on Clothes Washing

image of temperature switch for energy cost savings articleLower the Washing Machine Temperature    
Do you really need to wash all your clothes at 200÷F (90÷C)?
Today’s detergents and washing liquids do the job well at much lower temperatures.

Between 85%-90% of the energy the washing machine uses goes to heating the water. Therefore, lowering the washing temperature sums up to big saving on your electricity bill.

Image of washing machineOnly Wash Large Loads
Even with a washing machine who weight the laundry, try to use full loads.

If you must wash small loads, use the half load function, and save both water and electricity.

Save Money on Clothes Drying

Dryers are commonly the second biggest electricity user appliance in your house, right after the fridge. As such, they offer good opportunity to save energy and lower electric bills.
Here are some energy saving tips on Laundry Drying for cheaper electricity bills:

image of a dryer for lower v articleDon’t Use Dryers!
Hang your cloth outside to dry instead.  
Dryers are huge spenders of electric power. Try getting a cloth drying rack or line and use the sun’s power instead of electricity.

A good pace to shop for a Cloth Drying Rack is Amazon or eBay. Both carry a good selection of different sizes on indoor & outdoor racks.

Hanging your laundry outside is particularly good for white clothes, as the sun will make them shining white. For best results with colored laundry avoid direct sunlight, and hang your clothes inside out.


Image of washing machine spin control for home energy saving tipsSpin your Laundry Before Putting Them in the Dryer    
The more you spin your laundry prior to drying it, the less time and electricity (or gas) you need to fully dry your clothes. You can save 25%-50% from the drying costs by spinning your laundry at the maximum speed.

If and when you need to replace you washing machine, buy one with high RPM!


image of unsorted laundry for lower electric bills articleSeparate the Cotton from the Synthetics    
Synthetics require less drying time then cotton does.
If you have enough clothes to justify two dryer cycles, separate the synthetics from the cotton, drying each type in a different cycle, saving money on the shorter one.


Image of lint filter for energy conservation ideas articleClean the Dryer’s Lint Filter
Cleaning it after each use will save you energy because the air blower will consume less energy as the air flows more smoothly.


image of dryer balls for energy use articleUse Dryer Balls
They look more like a dog toy, but these small plastic balls may save up to 25% from the drying time by constantly separating clothes as they bounce around in the dryer, creating more space for air to get through and dry more efficiently.

Dryer Balls are sold for less than $7 for a set of two on Amazon or eBay, and will pay themselves after just a few dry cycles.


Image of dryer controls for energy cost savings articleMoisture-Sense it!   
When the time comes to buy a new dryer – make sure you by one with a moisture sensing device.

A dryer with a moisture-sensing device will automatically stop drying when it senses that the laundry is dry.

Although they cost more – in the long run you get to save a lot of money on electricity bills.

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