Save Energy – Save Money – Electric Energy Savings – Tips for Saving Money on Water Heating

Water heating is your home’s third biggest energy consumer. With these simple yet effective energy cost reduction tips you can save energy, save money and reduce electricity bill significantly.

Here’s how to save money on water heating:Image of a boiler's thermostat for home energy saving tipsExamine your Water Heater’s Setting
Many water heaters come with factory preset which is higher than needed.
Lowering the water heater to 120÷F (50÷C) will not effect much your over all shower experience, but will save you on water heating expanses.

If you have a Washing Machine with hot water intake you will need to set the water heater a little higher to 140÷F (60÷C).

Prior to changing the boiler’s setting make sure that the main power circuit breaker is disconnected.

Drain your Boiler
Sediments build up at the boiler’s bottom as part of the water heating process. These sediments reduce the boiler’s efficiency as well as shortening the life of the whole system.

A boiler should be drained once a year to extend its life and making it more energy efficient.

If you can’t do it yourself have someone do it for you. The investment will pay itself and you will save energy and save money.


Image of boiler blanket for electric energy savings articleBlanket Your Boiler
A hot water boiler has to keep the heat inside it for a long period of time, even when you are not using the hot water.

Even though most boilers has built in insulation inside them, in most cases, especially if the boiler is not new, this insulation is not enough, and you end up loosing heat, energy and money.

A Boiler Blanket, sometimes called Boiler Jacket or Water Heater Insulation Jacket is exactly what it sounds like – an extra blanket for your boiler. What it does is simple – it  provides extra insulation for the boiler, reducing its energy consumption and  prolonging its life. Water Heater Insulation Jackets are sold on Amazon and eBay.


Image of hot water pipe insulation for energy cost savings articleInsulate Hot Water Pipes
Make sure the insulation on your hot water pipes is in good condition. A lot of heat can be lost to poor or no insulation, resulting in increased hot water utility bill.

Properly insulated pipes will also deliver the hot water much more quickly, yielding more saving.
Pipe Insulation is cheap, and can be found on Amazon or eBay.


Image of a boilet timer for energy cost savings articleInstall a Timing Device for your Boiler
If you keep forgetting to turn off the boiler, install a timer to shut it off automatically.  Save energy – save money.

An average Electric Water Heater Timer sells around $40 on Amazon or eBay.


Image of on demand water heater for electric energy savings articleConsider Installing an Instant Water Heater
Using an instant water heater has the benefit that you pay only for what you consume. Why pay for heating up a full boiler, if you use only one third?

However, you will need to be vigilant about using the hot water, as when supply becomes unlimited, so does your tendency to use more than you need..

Save Electricity by Saving Hot Water

When you’re showering, bathing, washing dishes or hands you use water, hot water. By saving on hot water you get double saving, since you save electricity and water at the same time.

The following money saving tips are taken from my Water Saving Tips section, but will get you electric energy savings as well!

mage of bath tub for save energy save money articleShower Instead of Bath
A normal shower uses between third to half the amount of water a regular bath does.

It is very simple – with each shower you take instead of a bath save you 1/2 – 2/3 of your water heater energy consumption. Save energy – save money.


Image of stop watch for energy cost savings articleLimit Shower Time
Limit shower time to 4 minutes or less. The savings are straight forward. By limiting shower time from say, an average of 12 minutes to 4 minutes you save 66% of your water heater energy consumption.

An effective way to successfully limit the shower time is to take with you into the shower one of these Shower Timers, all of which available on Amazon or eBay .


Save money on electricity with Shower TimerConsider Installing a Shower Timer
If you find it difficult to limit shower time, or if you have a teenager who keeps ignoring flashing lights, alarm clocks and knocks on the door – a Shower Timer may be what your looking for.

Sometimes, it is your only option to control shower time, especially if you have a tank less water heating system with endless hot water.

Also known as Shower manager, this device is battery operated and screws between the hose and the shower head.
You can program it to one of three preset shower time options – 5, 8 or 11 minutes.
Reduce electricity bill with Shower Manager

When you start showering – water flow is full. One minute prior to the programmed time limit the device starts beeping. When time is over – water flow is cut by 2/3.

The device resets itself after 5 minutes with no water flow.
With Shower Manager you save energy and save money.


image of low flow shower head to explain how to reduce electricity billInstall Low-Flow Shower Heads
Low flow shower heads can save 50%-70% of the water without reducing the overall shower experience. Naturally, when using less hot water you save energy and save money.

Costing as low as $10-$20 per head, they offer immediate return of investment. Installation is easy – just screw them into place.

Amazon and eBay are good places to shop for Low Flow Showerheads because of the wide selection both offer compared to your local hardware store.

You can read more about them in my Water Saving Tips section.

The road to cheaper utility bills also passes through Clothes Washing and Drying. There are plenty of things you can do to Lower Electric Bills by saving energy on Laundry


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