Teaching kids to save money

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    I want to share an idea about teaching kids to save money.

    What my husband and I did a few months ago is to let the kids participate in out efforts to save money by doing the tedious task of coupon clipping and finding coupons to print in grocery coupon websites.

    We do have a list of chores around the house. Help in cleaning (doing windows) used to be one of them. But my kids didn’t enjoy this tack, to say the list, and I found myself cleaning the windows after tem.

    Than we decided to swap chores and let them deal with actual money (i.e. coupon clipping) instead.

    After few months of experience I can safely say that it was a very good idea. They do a pretty good gob at sorting the coupons, removing expired ones, looking in grocery coupon websites for augmenting coupons to print and preparing the stab of coupons for our weekly shopping tour according to my shopping list.

    I also take them with me for the actual shopping, so that they can get a sense of how good a job they’ve done, and they better understand my requirements from them regarding my method of sorting the coupons.

    I recommend it to every one. It will help you teach your kids the value of money, and it’s an excellent chore for teaching kids to save money.

    Tracy Winters
    Tracy Winters

    Great Idea


    A great idea for teaching kids to save money and the value of saving.

    I’ve added your contribution to the site. You can find it in our sister site Grocery Coupons Guide.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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