How much can I save on electric bill with Energy Star Ceiling Fans?

by Mia
I want to install two ceiling fans to save money on utility bills. I need one over my bed & another one over my work table.

I’ve checked the market and some of the Ceiling fan’s are listed as “Energy Star Compliant”
As far as the light is concerned, it’s not much of an issue, since most people are using CFL’s
anyway, but what about the fan itself?

Do Energy Star Fans really save that much as compared a new fan that is not marked Energy Star Compliant?

Do the Energy Star Fans move less air due to a weaker motor?

How much can I expect to lower my electric bill with such fan?

Up to 40% !

by: Tracy

ENERGY STAR Qualified ceiling fan/light combination units are over 50% more efficient than conventional fan/light units. This is because they use improved motors and blade design.

The amount of air they throw is the same as non Energy Star compliant fans, only they do it with less electricity.

Since ceiling fans use very little energy, a 50% increase in efficiency will save you around $15 a year or $165 over the fan’s lifetime compared to a non compliant fan. It’s not much, but it’s more than the cost of the fan and therefore worth the investment.

Don’t let this numbers mislead you. That $15 saving is compared to a non compliant fan. But please remember that a ceiling fan, any ceiling fan will lower your electric bill significantly more, saving you hundreds of dollars a year!

In mild climates, ceiling fans can be used instead of A/C. But even if you’re living in a very hot climate you can still use ceiling fans to save on your electric bill by combining them with A/C.

With ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fans installed throughout your home, you can raise the thermostat on your air conditioner by as much as 10ºF (5ºC) degrees, which can lower your electric bill by 40%!.

Remember that ceiling fans can be used in winter as well to lower your heating bills. That makes them one of the best solutions to reduce electricity costs.

Here is a link to the Energy Star’s site for fan selection guidance.

Energy Star Fan reduce electricity costs
Energy Star Fan reduce electricity costs

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