Save Money on Car Fuel – Improving Gas Mileage

Increase MPG, Save Fuel, Save Money. Reduce your fuel expenses with practical Fuel Saving Tips. Improve your gas mileage and save money on car fuel by taking care of it.

Improving Gas Mileage is really simple. You don’t to install hi-tech gadgets or indulge in rocket science.
Here are some low-tech fuel and gas saving tips that will save you a lot of money on car fuel:

Image of a car tune up for to improve MPGKeep your Car Tuned
A tuned care will give you its best fuel economy. Whatever type of vehicle you drive, if it is not tuned and well maintained than you are getting less MPG than what you could have.

Don’t save on tune-ups. Consult your owner’s manual and keep the maintenance schedule. It will increase your MPG, plus you gain more savings on the engine life, as a tuned engine last longer and require less maintenance.

Image of a car's air-filter for fuel saving articleClean your Car’s Air-Filter
A clean air-filter may improve your MPG by 7%, saving you about $100 on every 10,000 miles. Big saving for a 5 minute task you can do by yourself.

Clean air filter will also increase your engine’s life considerably!
cleaning your air filter is easy to do in just a few minutes.


Image of a man inflating a tire for gas saving tips article5Keep your Tires Properly Inflated
Properly inflated tires can save up to 2%-3% in fuel costs. The rule-of-thumb is that each 1 PSI below the recommended level (on all tires) will increase fuel consumption by 1%.

Doesn’t sound much? Cutting off 2%-3% from your annual fuel budget accumulates to hundreds of dollars, if not much more! It’s basically free money!

Most cars have a tire or two with 5-10 PSI below normal level.
By keeping you tires properly inflated you don’t only Increase MPG, you gain two more important side benefits:

  • Your tires will last longer (so you get to save more money),
  • It is much safer, especially on wet roads or in case of an emergency braking.

How often should you check? A monthly inspection should be enough.
If you find that you need to add air more frequently it means that you have a small puncture, air leak or a faulty valve. Have them fixed and save money on gas.


image of a car with full trunk for fuel and gas saving tips articleRemove Excess Weight
The heavier the car – the lower your gas milage is.
By lightening up your car you Increase MPG twice:

  • Every time you stop and then accelerate you burn less fuel.
  • Your tire drag is reduced so you burn less fuel.

As a rule of the thumb, 50 pounds (25 Kg) of excess weight will increase your fuel consumption by 2%.

Similar to a properly inflated tire – a lighter car will also wear the tire much less (more savings), and is safer to drive.

So keep your trunk empty, and save money on car fuel!


Image of a detachable lugage rack for save money car articleReduce Drag
Any unnecessary item such as Ski, Bicycle, and Luggage-Rack produces plenty of drag.

Driving on the highway with a ski-rack installed increases fuel consumption by 10%-15%.

Make yourself a habit of taking off the ski-rack or bicycle-rack, and installing them back only when needed.


An image of extreme car spoiler modification for petrol saving articleBack Off the Bling
Wide tires may look cool, but they create more friction and lower your fuel economy and MPG.

Just how much? At least 5% or more, depending on the type of tire and how wider it is then the stock tire.

Spoilers may also look cool, but hamper you fuel economy by creating more drag. Much like Ski, Bicycle, and Luggage-Rack they have a huge effect on your MPG, especially on the highway.

So back off the bling and save money on car fuel.


Image of a man removing snow from car for save money car articleRemove Snow and Ice
Driving with a pack of snow on your roof top or engine cover has a very big impact on your fuel consumption.
It hampers your fuel economy in two ways:

  • It has tremendous drag
  • It weighs a lot

A pile of snow on your roof weighs up to 100 Lb (45 Kg), and has much more air resistance then a luggage rack does. Combined – the excess weight and drag lowers your MPG by 20% or even more!

Removing this pile of snow is no great fun, but if you are headed for the highway – it’s worth the bothering and will save money on car fuel.

A well cared for car is a great way for improving gas mileage, but you can do much more with some Driving Tips that will boost up your Fueleconomy.

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