Cutting Your Grocery Bill – Products You Should Avoid

Avoiding all pre-processed food is essential for cutting your grocery bill. Saving money on groceries is easy if you know what (and what NOT) to buy.

Generally speaking, pre-processed pre-packed food is convenient, and convenience cost money, sometimes a lot of money.
You can save money on food by avoiding the following type of products:

Avoid Convenience Items and save money groceriesAvoid Convenience Items
Convenient items such as pre-cooked vegetables and pre-made sandwiches cost much more than the sum of their ingredients. Convenience cost money, while you are trying to save on groceries.

Cutting your grocery bill is easy - start drinking waterDrink Water
Not only water is cheaper then sodas and other types of drinks, they are also much healthier!


Save on groceries - Avoid Bottled WaterAvoid Bottled Water
Instead of bottled water use a reusable container. If you don’t like your tap water’s taste get a filter. Even with the filter’s cost you will save a lot of money, plus that are contributing to the environment.


Big money saving grocery tips - Avoid Pre-Processed FoodAvoid Pre-Processed and Ready-to-Go Food
Avoid frozen TV dinners, all-in-one boxed meals, premium-packed frozen pancakes, waffles, frozen pizzas, mini-pizzas, garlic bread and many more such items.

Again, these products cost way more than it does to make them at home. They’re usually loaded with chemicals and are much less nutritious.


Avoid Junk Food and save alot of money on foodAvoid Junk Food
Generally speaking – junk food costs more, gives you zero nutrition value, and is full with chemicals

Although it is sometimes impossible to avoid it completely – try to minimize its use to the minimum necessary.


Grocery money saving tips - Avoid pre-packed perishablesAvoid Pre-Packed Perishables
Have your cold meat and cheeses freshly sliced for you at the supermarket or the deli. They will be cheaper than the pre-packed versions found in the regular aisles, plus you can ask for exactly the amount you need and not more.

You should also cut your own greens and vegetables instead of buying them pre-cut.

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