How to Save Up Money – Cheap Ways to Save Money

How to Save Up MoneyLearn how to how to save up money with a few simple money saving tips. Curb your expenditure without hampering your life-style to much.

Buy Used

Buying used stuff for a fraction of a new product costs is one of a few cheap ways to save money. 

You would be surprised at the diversity of used stuff people are selling online. Most of the used stuff is in very good shape, and I’ve never encountered any problem or a product that was not as described.

I buy used books, CDs, DVDs, tools and much more.

Rebate it!
Buying stuff with rebate is another good way to budget you money – as long as you actually take the effort and mail those rebates. 

Most people tend to forget about them, ending up with a product at a price they didn’t intent to spend in the first place.

Make yourself a habit: after buying a product with rebate, send the form the same day. Then mark your calendar to follow up with the rebate company if the check didn’t show up.

Keep Your Receipts!
If after shopping you find out the store you bough at or another store advertizes the products you bough at a lower price, go back to the store and ask for a discount. If they refuse – return the item and buy it at the lower advertized price.

Cash Is King!
Don’t be shy to ask for a cash discount. Merchants pay fees of at least 3% for credit card processing. When you do a big purchase, prefer paying in cash and ask the merchant to pass the savings on to you.

Master the Wish List
Whenever you are tempted to buy something you’ve just seen, whether in the display window, TV commercial or newspaper add, wait a while before you reach for your wallet. 

Don’t buy that something while you’re in the store. Go home, wait a day or two, sleep on it. Most likely that after a night’s sleep you’ll decide that you don’t really need it.

Should you decide to buy it after all – you will enjoy it more!

Join Buyers Clubs
Joining force with other consumers to make a large quantity purchases entitles you to significant discounts.

There are clubs who organize purchases for you on a regular basis, and there are clubs who get organized on the net to buy just one certain product.

Sign up any free customer rewards program you can
Get every free loyalty card you can get, even if you rarely shop there. Open a new email account and dedicate it to all the loyalty card and reward programs. Before you go shopping check these emails for extra coupons, but make sure you’re not tempted to impulse buying, and stick to your shopping list.

Shop Online
The Internet is a great place for shopping. You can find just about anything online these days, and I do mean every thing. Many stores advertise online coupon codes that let you save even more. More about online shopping here.

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