Save Money on Entertainment, Books, CDs & DVDs

Learn how to save money on entertainment with a few simple tips. Curb your entertainment budget without hampering your life-style to much.

Save Money on Entertainment

Entertainment (Movies, Books, DVDs etc.) can punch a big hole in your budget. Here are a few tips that will help you save money.

Re-evaluate your magazine subscriptions. Cancel al those subscriptions you don’t bother to read, or that you find you get poor value for your money.

On the other end, if you buy a certain magazine on a regular basis, think about getting a subscription, as it is usually much cheaper than buying separate magazines all year round.

Even better – ask for one as a birthday present!

Magazines up to 85% offIf you opt to subscribe, make sure you get the lowest price available. There are sites like Magazine Discount Center that offer popular magazine subscriptions up to 85% off the cover price. This specific site also gives 90 days risk free trial, plus there is no sales tax and no shipping costs.

Another option is to get your magazines at the local library. A lot of libraries offer this service. Many magazines offer also free content online.

Consider the following prior to buying a new book:

  • Swapping books with friends, family or neighbors.
  • Getting books from the local library.
  • Swapping books via web services such as PaperBackSwap.
  • Renting Textbooks for a fraction of their value via services such as
  • Buying used books through Amazon.
  • Buying used books at second-hand shops or at the markets.
  • Reselling your used books at second-hand shops or via web services such as or Reselling books through these hassle-free web services is very easy – you just key in the book’s ISBN, get a price offer, send the book (Free Shipping) and wait for the money to arrive.

Movies, CDs, DVDs and Video Games
Consider the following prior to buying a new DVD:

  • Swapping DVDs with friend, family and neighbors.
  • Getting them from your local library. Some libraries offer this service.
  • Swapping or trading used games on the internet.
  • Renting them from low cost services as Red Box or Netflix.
  • Buying used DVDs through Amazon etc.
  • Buying used DVDs at second-hand shops or at the markets.

Movie Treats
Most of us don’t give a second thought when it comes to buying movie treats, but their price is really outrageously high! Consider bringing your own treat, or giving it up all together.

Click here to learn how to save up money with a few very simple money saving tips.

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