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Stores that give student discounts

by Sharon Hi, If you’re a student, you probably find it hard to maintain a budget. Well, I just came across a site that can help students save money. It’s called Student Base Camp, and it locates for you all

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A new App that can save you up to 65% on groceries!

by Jennifer (CA) I just found a new and cool App that can save you up to 65% on groceries. It’s called SaveOn, and what it does it to find you the best deal on every item. You simply compile

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Are you embraced to be frugal if you’re wealthy?

by Dawn Do people look down on you if you’re wealthy, but behave frugally? For example drive a small car, live in a modest house, don’t eat in fancy restaurants etc? Is it wrong to be frugal if you’re wealthy?

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Recipes and ideas for frugal eating

by Homer My wife is going back to school, and we need to feed 2 grownups and 2 kids on just one modest paycheck. Any tips for healthy frugal eating are most welcome. This is how I save money on

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Looking for fast and simple frugal recipes

by Sherry I’m looking for interesting, original and most important – tasty frugal recipes that you can recommend and share. Easy & tasty beef stove top by: Sara Here’s an easy yet very good beef stove top that I grew

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Is my electricity bill based on my credit score?

by Paula If don’t have good credit, am I paying more for electricity? Will it save me money if I work on my credit? Of course not by: Tracy Electric rates are set by the state, and have nothing to

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Do Hybrid Cars Save Money?

by Bruce (FL) How do Electric / Hybrid cars save money? They cost more. While a regular car takes only five minutes to gas up and can travel for at least 350-400 miles, electric cars take 6 hours to charge

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How to prioritize credit card payments?

by Matt I have 6 different credit cards to pay off. I have $2400 on an 18% APR card, two ~$1500 on 15% APR cards and ~$500 on three high APR store cards. After I pay off those cards I’d

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How to get husband to spend less?

by Rose While I’m trying to run a frugal lifestyle, my husband is always running around spending money on nice stuff that we can do without. I’m trying to save money on groceries, buy bulk, use generic products etc, while

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