Water Conservation Facts – Domestic Water Saving Tips

Basic Water Conservation Facts, Ideas and Techniques to save Water and Money. Getting high water bills? Here are some Water Saving Tips.

Save Money on Cloth Washing

Cloth Washing is second only to Toilet in water consumption. More that 20 cents out of each dollar you spend on water goes to Cloth Washing.

Image of washing machineOnly Wash Large Loads
Even with a washing machine who weighs the laundry, try to use full loads.
If you must wash small loads, use the half load function, and save both water and electricity.

Save Money on Shower

A big water spender by itself, shower is a great place to look for savings. And when you use less water for shower – you get double saving, because you save also on Electricity/Gas to heat up that water!

Here are some water conservation facts and ideas on how to save money and water while showering:

mage of bath tub for water conservation tips articleShower Instead of Bath
A normal shower uses between third to half the amount of water a regular bath does.
By showering you save twice: You use less water, and you’re saving lots of electricity/gas on water heating.


Image of stop watch for water conservation articleLimit Shower Time
Limit shower time to 4 minutes or less. The savings are straight forward. 

By limiting shower time from, say, an average of 12 minutes to 4 minutes you save 66% shower water, meaning 6 cents of every Dollar spent on water. 

Add to this the money you save on heating that water, and you’ve got a noticeable saving.

An effective way to successfully limit the shower time is to take with you into the shower one of these Shower Timers, all of which available from Amazon or eBay.


Water Conservation with Shower TimerConsider Installing a Shower Timer
If you find it difficult to limit shower time, or if you have a teenager who keeps ignoring flashing lights, alarm clocks and knocks on the door – a Shower Timer may be what you’re looking for. 

Sometimes, it’s your only option to control shower time.

Also known as Shower Shut-Off Timer or Shower Manager, this device is battery operated and screws between the hose and the shower head.
You can program it to one of three preset shower time options – 5, 8 or 11 minutes.

Saving Water with Shower ManagerWhen you start showering – water flow is full.

One minute prior to the programmed time limit the device starts beeping.

When time is over – water flow is cut by 2/3.
The device resets itself after 5 minutes with no water flow.


image of low flow shower head for water conservationInstall Low-Flow Shower Heads
Low flow shower heads can save 50%-70% of the water without reducing the overall shower experience.

Costing as low as $10-$20 per head, they offer immediate return of investment-
Installation is easy – just screw them into place.

How do they save so much water without hampering the shower experience? The answer to this lays in physics. 

These Shower Heads limit the amount of water flowing through them, but the water that do go thru get accelerated to high speed, giving the smaller droplets the same energy a bigger droplet would have had. 

The result is something like pressurized spay, with the same cleaning power and the same shower experience as that of a normal shower. 

Amazon and eBay are good places to shop for Low Flow Showerheads because of the wide selection both offer compared to your local hardware store.

Save Money on Faucets

Next in line for water conservation tips comes Faucets. Here you can get really noticeable money savings with minimum changes and very little investment. So here are some more water conservation facts:


Image of hand-washing for Money-Saving-TipsShut Off the Faucet
Turn off the faucet while brushing teeth, shaving, washing hands, doing dishes and so on. Turn the shower off while you leather as well.


Image of leaky faucet for Water Saving Tips articleFix Leaky Faucets
Dripping faucets are easy to detect and fix. Simply change the washer, and save lots of water.
If you think that it doesn’t worth the effort – think again!

Even a single faucet, dripping at a rate of just one drop a second will sum up to a waste of 2,700 gallons (10,300 Liters / 10.3 cubic meters) per year!


Image of faucet aerators for water conservation articleInstall Low Flow Faucets
Also called faucet aerators, water flow limiters or water-saving aerators, these water saving devices limit the flow of water in the faucets.

Costing as low as $5 a piece, they offer immediate return of investment. Installation is easy – just screw them on.

You can find tap aerators in any hardware store, or check out Amazon’s or eBay wide selection of Faucet Aerators.

There are more Ways to Conserve Water indoors and further reduce home water bills.

And if you own a garden, high water bill can be avoided with these simple Frugal Gardening Water Saving Tips.

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