Energy Conservation Tips – Save Money on Utility Bills

Save electricity and money. Discover energy conservation tips that will lower your electric bill significantly. Save money on utility bills with simple yets efficient top energy saving tips.

Electricity governs our life. There is almost nothing we can do that doesn’t consume electric power. However, most of us are unaware of how much of it we actually use, and how much we pay for the pleasure of using it.

When you go to a store to buy something – you know exactly how much money that thing costs, so you can decide whether to buy it or not.

With electric power however, it’s a different story altogether. Until you get the electricity bill you have no idea how much you’ve consumed, and how much you’re going to pay for it.

Actually, as we speak you consume electric power. Your lights are on, your Compute/TV/Audio system is running, your Refrigerator is working, the A/C (or Heating) is on…

Can you tell me how much money is sipping out of your pocket for electric power at this very moment? and for what? Probably not.

As with many things that have no price tag, you are probably using electricity generously for no reason. Too generously!

There are many things you can do to cut electricity usage and save money on utility bills such as installing a programmable thermostat or purchasing energy-efficient curtains (yes, they exist). Following are top energy saving tips which will allow you to reduce electricity costs without hampering your life style too much.

But before you start reviewing my energy conservation tips and save money, you need to figure out exactly where your money goes to.

Domestic Electricity Usage Distribution for Energy Conservation Tips

Domestic Electricity Usage Distribution
Save Money on Space Heating Save Money on Space Cooling Save Money on Hot Water Save Money on Lighting Save Money on Clothes Washing and Drying Save Money on Refrigeration Save Money on Electronics, Computers and Other Domestic Activities Save Money on Cooking Save Money on Electronics, Computers and Other Domestic Activities

This diagram provides an overview of a typical home energy consumption distribution. The data is shown for a mid-climate area, requiring both heating in winter and cooling in summer. Depending on where you live, your Space Heating / Space Cooling may be using more / less power respectively.

The first place to start looking for electric energy savings is where you use it the most. You can save on utility bills as much as 10% just by reducing your Space Heating Costs.

Here are some top energy conservation tips that will help you Save Money and Energy on Space Heating.

Second to Space Heating comes Space Cooling, which is also a big energy consumer, and a good candidate for energy saving tips. Continue learning more Energy Cost Reduction tips on Space Cooling.

Water Heating “eats up” 12 cents out of each dollar spent on electricity. Here are some electricity saving tips that will Save Energy and Save Money on Hot Water.

Home’s Lighting offers some excellent energy saving tips. As Lighting produces lots of heat, each dollar saved on Lighting will double it self by saving you money on air-conditioning. Here’s how I Lower My Electric Bill by saving on Home’s Lighting.

The road to cheaper utility bills passes also through Clothes Washing and Drying. There are plenty of things you can do to Lower Electric Bills by saving energy on Laundry.

Similar to home’s Lighting, Energy Saving Ideas on Refrigeration will turn out to double their savings and are certainly worth investigating.

Electronics and Computers offer more ways to Save On Utility Bills.

Last but not least comes cooking. Although not a very big energy consumer, similar to refrigeration and lighting it offers a chance for double savings. Here is how to Lower Electric Bill by saving electricity on Cooking.