Money Management Games

Money management games are the perfect solution for teaching kids about money. Your kids learn about money and money management while having a great time.

Here are some games for kids about money:

Board Games

One of the oldest, most known and probably still the best money management game, Monopoly is a game in which you buy and sell properties, build houses, collect rent and build wealth
While playing, kids learn how to count money, make decisions and experience the joy of successful planning.

Hasbro has developed a few versions for Monopoly – the Classic, Electronic Banking, Junior and City. As a kids game, monopoly can be found in many languages other than English.

Easy Money

Very similar to Monopoly, and over 70 years old – Players buy and sell houses and build properties to earn as much money as they can.

The Game of Life

In this game your kids make decisions about their career and other life moves. The decisions they make affect the income they receive and how they spend their money.

Money Bags is for young children, and is doing a good work at teaching them how to count money and change.
The kids earn money for various activities presented to them in Money Bags. In addition, they are limited to using certain coins, forcing them to keep finding new ways to count the coins.

In Payday kids learn about having a job, lending money, paying bills and interest and dealing with unexpected expenses.

Two different games are included in Moneywise Kids. One for making change and the other focuses on budgeting and managing money In the game that focuses on money management, the kids learn how to account for food, clothing, and housing.

Online Games

Here are a few fun online money management games your children can play to learn about money. The games focus more on counting and making change, and not so much on money management.

Change Maker
This game is perfect for practicing counting and subtracting.
The kid acts as a cashier, and is given with a total sale and the amount paid. He/She needs to figure out how much change (how many notes and coins) should be given back.

The game can be played in various currencies.

The Change Game
In this game you are given a randomly generated money problem. From the clues in it you need to Figure out which (The Change Game uses half dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies) and how many coins are needed to make up the total dollar amount given in the story.

Money Flashcards
In this game your kid has to look at the coins and bils, identify them add up the total value of the money. If he/she gets it wrong – the game will show them how to add the coins to get the correct answer.