Water Conservation Products – Toilet Water Saving Tips

Getting high water bill? Cut water bills with simple Water Conservation Products. Here’s how to slash it.

Toilet is, by far, the largest indoor water consuming device. More than a quarter of the water you use at home is, well, flushed down the drain.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. By applying minor changes to the way you use the toilet, you can reduce home water bills significantly.

You can further reduce water bill by installing simple and cheap water saving devices.

Wondering how to reduce water bill? Here’s how you do it:

Avoid Unnecessary Flushing
Avoid using your toilet as a  waste basket. Dispose of tissues, wet napkins and other similar waste in the trash can instead, and save gallons of water every time.

Fix Sticky Toilet Handles
If your toilet handle frequently sticks in the flush position, or if it returns to off but the water continues to run constantly, you are using almost twice if not more water than what you normally should.

Toilet fixing kits are available at almost all hardware stores, are cheap and easy to install.


Fixing running toilets may save you up to 300 Gallons (1,140 Liters) a month, reducing your water bill significantly!

A big toilet leak is usually visible, sometime even audible. But there are silent toilet leaks which are hard to detect. An easy way to find a silent leak is by purring some colorant (food coloring or any other) into the toilet tank and wait a little.

If the water in the toilet bowl becomes tainted after 30 minutes or less – you’ve got a leak.

Don’t forget to flush after the test is done, so that the toilet tank and bowl won’t absorb the coloring agent.

Water Conservation Products

High water bills can be avoided. Reducing your water bill has never been that easy with these new water saving devices:

Toilets installed prior to 1992 use much more water than newer models do.

Owing to improved hydrodynamics and toilet basing design, a newly designed low-flush toilet can flush reliably using just 1.6 Gallons (6 liters) of water.

If you have no renovation plans, you can convert your old toilet to low-flush with Cistern Displacement Device or Toilet Tummy.

These water saving devices consist of a plastic bag or container, filled with water and hanged on the inside of the toilet tank. Thus, each time you flush the toilet you use less water.

They are very cheap, extremely easy to install and are my favorite water bill slashers.

There are many available kits, ‘Freddie Frog’, ‘Save-a-Flush’, ‘Smart Flush’ and ‘Hippo’ being an example. Many more Toilet Tummy products are sold by for around $5.

Lately some companies give them away for free as a promotion item.

If your toilet does not qualify for the conversion kits, you can always use this simple makeshift idea to convert any toilet to low flushing ones:

Take a glass bottle, fill it with water or sand and just place it in your toilet tank. Make sure it doesn’t touch any of the moving parts, handles or the sealing gasket. From now on, every flush will use less water!

A plastic bottle will do as well, buy you’ll need to weight it down with some sand or small pebbles (make sure you cap it, so that sand or pebbles don’t interfere with the toilet mechanism).

Install Double Action Toilet
Save more water by flushing just half a bowl.
Double Action Toilets have two flushing handles/buttons: a full-flush handle and a half-flush one.

Many times, peeing as example (which counts for most flushes) you don’t really need a full flush. Using the half-flush handle will flush only half the water, saving huge amounts of water each day.  
If you feel that half-flush is not going to do the job – there is always the usual full-flush action.

Combined with low-flush toilet, incredible water saving can be achieved.
If I have to choose a single device out of all the available water conservation products, the dual flush toilet would be it.

Convert your Current Toilet to Dual-Flush
If you don’t intend to buy complete new toilets, you can settle for a dual flush conversion kit.

Two examples for such water conservation products are SelectFlush and TwoFlush. More Dual Flush Conversion Kits are available on <

There are more Indoor Water Conservation Facts to learn and implement in order to further reduce your water bills.

And if you own a garden, high water bill can be avoided with these simple Frugal Gardening Water Saving Tips.