Save Money on Grocery – When Should I Buy Groceries

Knowing when to shop is important if you want to save money on grocery, Check these grocery shopping tips to learn how you can save on groceries by shopping at the right time.

Image of breakfast for grocery saving tipsDon’t Go Shopping When You’re Hungry
Much of the shopping we do is controlled by our emotions. As much as we’d hate to admit it – we are not the masters of our own domain.

When shopping hungry you’re likely to buy more then you would have doing so after eating a good meal. Chances are you will also probably end up buying products that you didn’t intend to buy in the first place.

So do yourself a favor and don’t shop on an empty stomach.

B.T.W – dress warm. Supermarkets are often cold, and cold temperature makes you hungrier, so you shop more impulsively (i.e. buying larger quantities and more products).

Image of a calender for money saving grocery tips article Limit Your Shopping Trips
No matter how hard you try to stick to your shopping list, you will end up buying stuff you didn’t intend to. It is natural and happens to everyone.

By reducing your number of shopping trips to a maximum of once a week or even once every two weeks you will buy less stuff that you don’t need – simply because you are not spending time at the store!

Try to plan ahead and buy all the dry goods and cleaning supplies you need on a one big trip that will last for anywhere between 2-4 weeks. Whenever you run out of an item, make a note of it and next time buy more of that item.

For fresh stuff you can go weekly to another store.


Image of a shopping cart with one itemCut Back on One-Item Shopping Trips
Whenever you enter a shop for just one item, you are more likely to end up buying more items that you intended for in the first place. A lot of one-item trips mean plenty of unplanned stuff you don’t always need.


image of shopping rush-hour to save money on groceriesDon’t Shop During Peak Hours
The more time you spend at the shop – the more chances you will end up buying stuff you don’t really need. Especially consignment stuff found near the registers – the place where end up waiting in line.

The stuff there is just lurking for you, and it is really hard to fight the temptation.
Minimize the time you spend at the counters by shopping off-peak hours.


Image of screaming child in shopping cart to save money on foodDon’t Go Shopping with Your Kids
Prefer shopping when the kids are at school for the same reason mentioned above. Shopping with kids always takes more time – hence more impulsive purchases.


image of calander day to save on groceryShop Tuesdays
Most stores try to boost their mid-week sales by offering great deals. Take advantage of this, plan your shopping accordingly and save money on grocery.


Image of fishes in th emarketHoliday Shopping
The pricing of perishables such as meat, poultry and fish starts to go up a week or two before the holidays.
If you have a deep freezer – stock up on these products before the price has gone up.


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