Practical Money Saving Tips

Practical Money Saving TipsMany practical money saving tips cover areas we usually tend to neglect, like debt, insurance bank accounts, credit cards etc. Tackling correctly these areas can yield a significant amount in savings.


Consolidate Your Debt
If you’re able to consolidate your debt (or a part of it) to save money then do so immediately.

As each person’s financial status and debt is unique, it is important that you get professional advice and know all your options.

American Debt Enders has a good reputation, and can get you on the road to Debt Freedom.

Do the same with your student loans, if you have any.

Student Loans

Consolidate Your Student Loans
As Interest rates are quite low right now, consider consolidating your student loans into one low-rate package.

Even if you get just 1% reduction, it can save you $100 a year on every $10,000 you owe.
There are various student loan consolidation packages, so look into a few.

Another option is to use the rate reduction offer many student loans offer if you sign up for their automatic debt payment plan. It is more convenient and can save you around $80 a year.


Maximize Your Tax Benefits
Leave no stone unturned in the quest to maximize your tax benefits.
If you’re not 100% familiar with your eligible benefits and how to claim them – get professional help.

There are numerous companies who will charge only percentage of the money they actually get you, so you have nothing to loose.

It’s your money so make sure you claim it!

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