More Ways to Conserve Water – Domestic Water Saving Tips

There are more ways to conserve water and save money.
Getting high water bills? Here are some Water Saving Tips that will slash your bill.

Save Money on Leaks

O.K, so you like to shower. That’s fine. Enjoy Bathing? Go ahead. But letting 17 cents out of each Dollar for leaks, now that’s a real shame, wouldn’t you agree?

The amounts of water being wasted to leaks fall short by mare 3% from shower. That’s a huge amount of water and money that should remain in your pocket!

Image of leaking water for water conservation tipsFix Leaks
The easiest way to detect a leak is to do a walk around. 

Once every six month invest 5 minutes for a complete visual, starting with every faucet, toilet and shower in your home, and ending with all the visible plumbing inside and outside your house.

Fix these leaks and reduce your water bill!

image of Water Meter for tips for water conservationFix Hidden Leaks
Some of the leaks are impossible to detect visually as they occur underground.

Detecting the presence of an underground leak is not very complicated. Make sure all of the faucets are closed, and that the washing machine and dishwasher aren’t working. Then take a look at the water gauge. 

Most water gauges have a small wheel that turns when water flows through it, even if the flow in very small. If the wheel is turning – you’ve got a leak.

If you water gauge doesn’t have a turning indicator, take a reading before and after a two-hour period of no water use. Any difference between the two readings signals a leak.

Pinpointing the leak may require a plumber’s assistance, especially if it’s underground.


Save Money on Dish Washing

There are more ways to conserve water and save money indoors:

Image of dish rinsing for water saving tips articleSkip Rinsing
Skipping plate rinsing before putting them into the dishwasher will save you 10 -15 Gallons (40 -60 Liters) of water per load!

All new dishwashers and washing powders can handle tough food stains very well without pre rinsing the dishes.


Image of full dishwasher for free water saving tipsUse Full Loads with the Dishwasher
As with a washing machine, don’t operate the dish washer half empty. As it has no weighting function, it uses the same amount of water even if the machine is half empty.


Image of dishwasher control to cut water billsTry a Shorter Cycle
Read the manual, and try using a shorter cycle (sometimes called ECO cycle). I’ve recently switched from a 70 minutes cycle to a 32 minutes cycle (which uses about half water), and the dishes come out clean all the same.


More Domestic Water and Money Saving Tips

Closing the list of tips for water conservation are these two:

image of frozen food for water saving tipFood Thawing
Avoid thawing food under running water. Defrost food in the refrigerator, on the counter top or in the microwave using it’s defrost settings. It is also safer.


Image of garbage disposer for saving tips about waterAvoid Garbage Disposal
Kitchen sink disposals require lots of water to operate properly. If you’ve got a septic tank you’re also loading it with unnecessary solids, shortening its life and costing you in unnecessary maintenance.

Consider throwing your solids to the garbage, or better – start a compost pile.

Check my Water Conservation Products page for plenty of excellent tips on toilet water saving.

And if you own a garden, high water bill can be avoided with these simple Frugal Gardening Water Saving Tips.

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